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Find your fit and style!
Wearing a bra is essential for almost all women, however, according to
some fashion experts, nearly 75% of women wear the wrong size.
Most women wear bras that are too small for them.

Wearing a bra in the wrong size can be a real pain the neck, back and shoulders. Plus, it can cause shortness of breath! Buying the bra that's right for you isn't as easy as you may think, but we're here to help you find the bra that's right for you.


Style Chart

Convertible bras provide the comfort and no show coverage you desire. They can be transformed into a variety of styles to suit your versatile wardrobe needs — from halter to racer-back, one-shoulder to strapless!
Demi bras are half-cup bras. They do not cover the entire bosom to create a bare minimum look. (Most demi bras are push-up bras that create flattering cleavage.)
Full-coverage bras are just as the name implies — a bra that covers the entire bust. These bras usually have larger cups to offer maximum support.
Minimizer bras are designed for full figures to reduce the bustline and create a more rounded shape. These bras can be very slimming!
Nursing bras are intended for nursing mothers. The cups open and/or pull down to make breast-feeding easier while providing the utmost support.
Padded bras just help to add a natural enhancement to your bust. (Many push-up bras are padded.) And sometimes the pads will be removable.
Plunge bras provide the same comfort and shaping as basic bras do, but they have a low-cut center in front. They're the perfect solution when wearing daring necklines.
Push-up bras give your bust a natural lift while pushing them together. Push-up bras are great for a smaller bust because they can add cleavage where there wasn't any before!
Seamless bras offer medium support and create a natural rounded appearance with a smooth shape. These bras are great for wearing under tight-fitting tops.
Sports bras are essential for sports because they provide maximum support while reducing bounce. They're a must-have for any physical activity!
Wire-free bras offer comfortable shaping and support without the irritation of underwires. They're designed with stretch to perfectly fit your figure. They make the perfect everyday bra!
How can you tell you're wearing
the wrong size?

There will be signs:

  • You are literally busting out! Unless you're wearing a demi bra, most of your bosom should be inside the cup. If not, you should try a larger cup. It will be a lot more comfortable.
  • The band rides up your back. When this happens, it means that the bra is too loose around your body. You can tell if the band size is right for you by placing two fingers under the back of the bra band. If you can comfortably fit more than two fingers, it's too big.
  • There's wrinkling in the cups. Stretchy materials will form to the shape of your body, and if there's wrinkling, the cups are too big. Try a bra with smaller cups, like a demi.
  • The center of the bra isn't lying flat against your breastbone. The bra should be flat against your skin without gaping. If it's not, you might not be getting the support that you need. Try a bra with a smaller cup size.

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Sizing is everything!

The most important factor in buying a bra is knowing your exact size. This can be determined by taking a few easy measurements.

Step 1. Take a tape measure and measure the diameter of your rib cage directly under your bust.

Step 2. Measure around your chest over the fullest part of your bust.

Step 3. Determine your cup size by taking the difference between the two above measurements (subtract the measurement of Step 1 from the measurement of Step 2).

Difference: Cup Size:
0 - 1 1/2-in. AA
1/2 - 1-in. A
1 - 2 1/2-in. B
2 1/2 - 3 1/2-in. C
3 1/2 - 4 1/2-in. D
4 1/2 - 6-in. DD (E)
6 - 7-in. DD (F)
7 - 8-in. G

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Half the fit is in the style!

After you've determined the correct size, if a bra still doesn't feel quite right, try a different style. There is a difference in the way each style fits. No matter what size you are, there is style that best fits your needs whether you're looking for a boost, a minimizer, maximum support or just something comfy.

How to care for a bra:

By following the recommended care instructions, you can prolong the life of your bras! Here are a few simple tips that will help:

  • All bras should be hand washed, especially underwire bras. If the underwire comes out, not only will the bra be ruined, but the wire could also cause severe damage to your washing machine.
  • A mild detergent and lukewarm water are the safest way to wash a bra. Certain fabrics in the bra could melt in extremely hot water. And superstrong detergents can cause stretching in some materials.
  • Never put your bra in the dryer. The bra can get twisted and lose its shape. Plus, some materials may shrink in the dryer. Line drying is the best way to dry a bra.
  • Keep like colors together in washing (i.e., separate lights and darks).
  • Washing your bra after each use helps to reduce discoloring.

Congratulations! You are now a bra expert. Shop now and find the perfect bra for you!

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This classic style is one of the most popular styles available. Featuring an elastic waistband that hits at your waistline. Offering full-front and back coverage for added comfort.
French Cut
A flattering alternative to basic briefs. This comfortable style features an elastic waistband that hits at your natural waistline. And high-cut leg openings. With full-seat coverage.
A hip style that’s as comfortable as it is stylish! Featuring a low-rise, elasticized waistband. And full-seat coverage. With leg openings that trace your hips.
Just as the name suggests, this style fits just like swimsuit bottoms. Featuring a low-rise, elasticized waistband.
String Bikini
A sassy alternative to the original bikini style. It has the same fit and style as a bikini with one important exception — thin strips of fabric on the sides that connect the front and back pieces.

Makes a great choice when your outfit calls for absolutely no panty lines. Featuring high-cut leg openings. And an elasticized waistband. With no back coverage.

Boyshort Brief
A feminine twist on the classic boy style. These briefs hit under the waistline for a low-rise fit. With hems that come just below the natural leg curvature.

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The classic style with lots of comfort! Featuring a full-rise design that covers the body from waist to thigh.
Boxer Brief
You guessed it, a boxer brief combines the best of both worlds. Featuring the fit of a basic brief with longer-cut legs that hit at midthigh, just like a pair of boxers.
Low-Rise Brief
Perfect for wearing under low-rise jeans. Featuring the same great fit of briefs, but they sit lower on the waistline.
Offers the ultimate in comfort. They are loose fitting just like a pair of shorts. Featuring a U-shaped seat for no-binding comfort.
Offers the same comfort you expect from a classic brief with a low-rise fit. They hit approximately four inches below the waistband. Featuring full-seat coverage.

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