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Clasps & Chains

While all chains and clasps make lovely accessories, certain designs are more suitable for different people. Read on to discover which clasp is easiest for you to manage, then scroll down to find a chain that complements a beloved pendant.


Keeping your jewelry safely in place is just why these special closures were made! And with so many different chain styles available, mixing and matching to create the perfect accessory has never been easier.

Clasp Picture Description
Spring-Ring Clasp Spring-ring clasp Used for necklaces and bracelets, this round, hinged closure provides a secure fit.
Lobster-Claw Clasp Lobster-claw clasp A secure type of closure for necklaces and bracelets, shaped like a lobster claw.
Safety Clasp Safety clasp These levered closures are usually used for bracelets. Typically deployed by holding down a pressure hook.
Toggle Clasp Toggle clasp Typified by an anchoring bar that slides into a circular end, these closures are mostly found on bracelets.
Frenchwire Frenchwire clasp Lightweight, clasped earring design similar to a hook-and-eye closure.
Leverback Leverback clasp Earrings get extra security from this hinged closure. Also commonly referred to as a Euro clasp.
Screwback Post Screwback post These secure backings screw into place. Especially important for larger or more valuable stones.
Wire Back Wire back clasp A type of tubular earring where the backing is secured by sliding into the hoop, creating a flawless look through the ear.


Chain Picture Description
Box Box chain A simple, sleek chain with a boxlike shape. Typically more slender, it makes a perfect pair with delicate gemstone pendants.
Omega Omega chain Rectangular links are woven tightly together, creating a flawless, domed look. Pendants slide easily along these smooth chains.
Rope Rope chain With a tried-and-true, ropelike weave design, rope chains are generally thicker.
Perfectina Perfectina chain Typified by circular links braided very close together, these chains look fabulous on their own.
Singapore Singapore chain Delicate, circular links are strung loosely along Singapore chains for excellent sparkle.
Snake Snake chain Crafted to copy the sleek scales of a snake, this thin chain is great on its own or with a larger pendant.
Tornado Tornado chain Like a snake chain, but twisted, this smooth chain pairs perfectly with pendants large and small.
Bismarck Bismarck chain With a basket-weave-like finish, the open oval links of these chains can vary from one to three links wide. Works well in bracelets as well as necklaces.
Venetian Box Venetian box chain The open links of the Venetian box chain make it less visually dense than the traditional box chain.
Fox Tail Fox tail chain Thicker with square-shaped links, the fox tail chain works well on its own for both men and women.
Popcorn Popcorn chain With a bumpy, multifaceted finish crafted to look like a bowl of popcorn, this chain stands perfectly without other adornment.
Cordina Cordina chain The double-helix, twisting design of this chain creates incredible sparkle.
Figaro Figaro chain Three small, circle-shaped links alternate with an elongated, oval-shaped link, making this open chain perfect for both genders.
Herringbone Herringbone chain Crafted with a V-shaped herringbone pattern, this chic chain is generally thicker in width.
Wheat Wheat chain Links are braided to form a textured, V-shaped pattern that resembles a head of wheat, giving this chain a natural touch.
Beveled Beveled chain G-shaped links with open interiors create a thicker chain that looks great on its own.