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What general information do I need to know about my registry?

Pricing: prices are shown in the "item" column, and prices in store may vary. Please keep in mind if an item's status is "clearance" or "limited quantity," it means quantities are limited and the selection of colors, sizes and styles may vary.

Items currently out of stock: An item on is out of stock if the description is not underlined and not clickable and is also labeled "no longer available."

Items not available online: If you add items at a Kohl's Department Store that are not available on, this will be reflected on your registry. If guests wish to purchase these items, they can visit their nearest Kohl's Department Stores.

Items selected by other guests: While shopping on or at a Kohl's Department Store, your guests may choose to purchase items that aren't on your registry. These gifts will be noted on your registry as being selected by guests with a quantity of zero in the "Wants" column. To remove an item that a guest added to your registry, please call Customer Service toll free at 866- 887-8884.

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How do I add, review or update registry items?

Make sure you include everything you could possibly wish for on your registry! Since everyone changes his or her mind from time to time, we've made it easy to update and add items to your registry anytime you wish!

Adding new items to registry: We offer three easy ways to add new items to your registry!

Reviewing registry items: Click the description to see details about a specific registry item.

To change the quantities of registry items: You can easily change quantities wanted under your list view. Just click the "update quantity" button next to the item and type the desired quantity. When you've finished, click "update" to view your changes. To change quantities wanted under the grid view, hover over the quantity to update.

To change the colors and sizes of registry items: You can easily change the colors and/or sizes wanted for an item by clicking on the item description. Once on the product page, choose the new color and/or size desired and click "Add to Registry." The new item will be added to your registry, so you'll need to remove the old item.

To remove registry items: You can easily remove items from your registry by checking the "remove" button. When you've finished, click "update" to view your changes.

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What should I know about printing my registry?

To print a copy of your registry, click on "Print" at the top of the page. You'll be able to select the product categories that you'd like to print. You can also choose to print purchased/unpurchased items.

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