Hospital Partners

Corporate Responsibility

Kohl's Supports Family Health

At Kohl's, we are all about families. Through partnerships with more than 160 hospitals across the country, we are improving the lives of thousands of families every day by sharing important health information and services in communities nationwide. We partner with hospitals to design programs that meet the unique needs of each community.

Local programs range from injury prevention programs that give away bike helmets, car seats and first-aid kits, to healthy nutrition programs that teach children about healthy meal choices and the importance of proper nutrition for the entire family. All programs give families access to free information, resources and materials that help children stay well, feel well or get better. For questions, please contact

Kohl’s Cares Cause Merchandise

Want to make a difference in your community? Kohl’s Cares cause merchandise is a simple way to do just that. Every season there is a cute new collection with items priced at just $5 each, so you can buy new books and soft toys year-round. Even more amazing, 100% of the net profit is donated to support children’s health initiatives!

That money is donated to more than 160 hospitals across the country. Each hospital uses the money to create hospital run programs like car seat safety checks and bike helmet giveaways to dental care and injury prevention programs. Check out this season’s program on

Since 2000, Kohl's has donated nearly $300 million to hospital partners across the country.

Meet Kohl's Hospital Partners

Sales of Kohl's Cares merchandise benefit children's hospitals around the country. See which hospital is supported by your local Kohl's.