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Frequently Asked Questions

Kohl's Cares® Hospital Partnerships

Q: What are the Kohl's Cares® Children's Hospital Program funding priorities?

A: The vision for the Kohl's Cares® Hospital Partnership is to support programs that provide needed health-related services in the community to keep children healthy and out of the hospital. Kohl's prefers to support a program that satisfies the following needs:

1. Community Outreach

  • Kohl's donation should be allocated strictly to community outreach programs focused on serving children and families outside the hospital walls on a variety of health-related topics from safety to immunization to obesity, etc. throughout the year.

2. Program Reach

  • Serves a broad section of the population (examples: mobile health units, injury prevention, immunizations, dental health, obesity/fitness education, etc.).
  • Provide multiple touch points for our customers in the community.
  • Creates opportunities for our Associates to be involved at the local level.
  • Supports one singularly focused large program versus numerous small programs.

3. Awareness Campaign

  • Creates key messaging regarding the program/health issue that will reach the community at large via broad-based awareness tools.
  • Contains paid media elements (print, radio, TV, etc.).
  • Recognizes Kohl's in order to drive the audience to the stores to purchase Kohl's Cares® merchandise and further support your program.

4. Naming

  • Program is named for Kohl's (example: Kohl's Fitness Blitz, not Fitness Blitz presented by Kohl's).

5. Singular Program Focus

  • Program addresses one focus area of need in your community (Example: Injury prevention or obesity; not both).

Q: What does Kohl's not fund?

A: Kohl's will not support the following: capital campaigns, multiyear donation requests, medical equipment used inside the hospital, internal hospital or clinical programs, brick and mortar requests, programs/events supported by other retailers, programming focused strictly on educating medical professionals, train the trainer initiatives, specialty conferences, salaries previously covered by the hospital and indirect fees.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about creating my proposal?

Q: I began my Program Proposal and saved it. How can I access my saved Program Proposal?

A: To access your saved application, simply return to the Hospitals Grant Management System and log in as a returning online applicant.

Q: When is the proposal due?

A: Follow up with hospitals@kohls.com for your proposal due date.

Q: How long does the review process take, and when will we receive feedback regarding the Program Proposal?

A: The review process can take from eight to ten weeks. If the proposal meets our priorities, follows our guidelines and has all requested information, the process can go fairly quickly. If that is not the case, the process can be delayed as we work together to identify programs or projects that meet our requirements. Occasionally, we need clarification on program elements or the proposal is missing required information, which can cause delays. To expedite the process, be sure the proposed program fits our funding priorities and that all requested elements are included with your proposal.

Q: When will we receive the check?

A: Approximately three weeks from the date we approve your proposal.

Q:Our hospital will be hosting a safety event at a Kohl's store or parking lot. Who needs to supply the certificate of liability?

A: Your hospital will need to supply a certificate of liability (insurance) for any hospital-related event (safety fair, check presentation, etc.) at the Kohl's store site.

Q: How can we get Kohl's Associates more involved in our partnership?

A: We strongly encourage you to work with the management teams of your designated stores as well as distribution centers in your service area. Their involvement goes a long way toward enhancing the partnership and creating a connection with our customers who purchase the KC merchandise. See the Kohl's Associates in Action page for details.

Q: Which logo should we use to recognize Kohl's and the Kohl's Cares® program?

A: Please utilize the Kohl's Cares® logo. Please note: Kohl's must approve all use of our logos before production. We require seven days of lead time for approvals. Please send all items requiring approval to your primary contact or hospitals@kohls.com.

Q: What is the approval process for collateral, articles, etc. with Kohl's recognition (either name listing or logo placement)?

A: Item must be submitted to Kohl's prior to printing or production. Please allow Kohl's at least seven days for approvals. If there are any changes, Kohl's must see the final revision before production. Please send all approval requests to your primary contact or hospitals@kohls.com.

Q: Is Kohl's a part of, or does Kohl's support the Children's Miracle Network?

A: The Kohl's Cares® Hospital Program is a signature community outreach program operated by Kohl's Department Stores. It is not affiliated with the Children's Miracle Network in any way. To ensure consumers do not confuse the two programs, we typically decline participation in any CMN nationally sponsored events (telethons, radiothons, etc.).

Q: What is the Kohl's Fundraising Card Program and how can hospitals use this program to raise additional dollars?

A: Through the Kohl's Cares® Fundraising Card Program, Kohl's sells special discounted gift cards to our hospital partners and other nonprofit organizations. These organizations then sell the purchased cards at face value and keep the profits. Some of our Kohl's Cares® partners sell these special gift cards to their employees as well as in their gift shops to earn additional dollars for their programs. For more information on this program, visit Kohl's Cares® or please call 1-800-653-1774.

Kohl's Associates in Action

Q: What is the Kohl's Associates in Action program?

A: Through the Kohl's Associates in Action program, Kohl's encourages Associates to volunteer in their communities to enrich the lives of children. For each location that has a team of five Associates or more who volunteer at least three hours each, Kohl's will provide a corporate grant of $500 to the youth-serving, nonprofit organization in support of the Associates' gift of time and talent. For more information, visit http://www.kohlscorporation.com/CommunityRelations/Community04.htm.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times an organization can receive the Associates in Action grant?

A: No, organizations can apply for and receive the grant each time Kohl's Associates meet the program requirements.

Q: How much is the corporate grant?

A: The corporate grant is $500 for each location that has a team of five or more Associates who volunteer at least three hours each. The grant check is mailed directly to the organization.

(Important note: The grants are awarded based on the number of Kohl's locations that have an Associate in Action participating. A team must be a minimum of five, but could be more. The grant is not calculated by the total number of volunteers; it is calculated by the number of locations that have teams that meet the requirements.)

Q: Who is responsible for completing and submitting the Associates in Action Grant Application, and when should it be submitted?

A: The Kohl's location is responsible for completing and submitting the grant application form immediately after the event. However, the stores will require contact information and a signature from the hospital partner.

Q: Who is the appropriate representative from the hospital to sign the grant form?

A: The person signing the grant application must be someone who can verify the Kohl's Associates who participated in the event. Typically, this is the person from the hospital who has been coordinating the event with the store.

Q: Once the grant application has been submitted, how long will it take to receive the grant?

A: Processing time for the grant applications is a minimum of six to eight weeks, depending on the volume of grants submitted.

Q: Who should you contact with questions about the Associates in Action?

Kohl's A-team Volunteers