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Associates in Action Volunteer Program

Kohl's Associates in Action was created to support and recognize our Associates' gift of volunteer service in communities nationwide. Through this program, Kohl's encourages Associates to volunteer with their hospital partner and other youth-serving, ages birth to 18 years, nonprofit organizations to enrich the lives of children.

The organizations our Associates in Action teams support not only benefit from the Associates' gift of time and talent, but if a minimum of five Kohl's Associates from one location volunteer at least three consecutive hours each in a single day, Kohl's provides a $500 grant in recognition of their volunteer service. Grants are calculated by the number of Kohl's locations participating. That means:

  • One Kohl's location + a minimum of 5 Kohl's Associates, 3 consecutive hours each = $500
  • Two Kohl's locations + a minimum of 5 Kohl's Associates from location one + minimum of 5 Kohl's Associates from location two, 3 consecutive hours each = $1000

This is all in addition to the donation received from the in-store sale of special KC items!

How to Request Volunteers and Apply for a Grant

  • Step 1: Identify projects or programs in need of volunteer support.
  • Step 2:Go to http://gms.kohls.com and register as a Hospital Partner if you have not already done so. Create a new event request for volunteers and submit it within the system.
  • Step 3:Partner with your Kohl's location(s) to recruit volunteers. Allow as much time as possible, approximately 4-5 weeks prior to the event, and aim for more than the minimum five associates (just in case a volunteer is unable to attend at the last minute).
  • Step 4:Confirm the event with your location(s).
  • Step 5:Execute the event. The Kohl's Associates in Action volunteers will gladly wear their Associates in Action tees and display an Associates in Action banner.
  • Step 6:If all Associates in Action criteria is met, you would qualify for a $500 grant and receive an email instructing you to confirm and approve the event grant application.
Kohl's A-Team


Associates in Action:

    For additional program information, please visit http://aia.kohls.com.
    If you have questions, please email AssociatesinAction@Kohls.com.