Kohl's Expect Great Things

Current Cause Merchandise Program

Spring 2016

Available in our stores end of December 2015.

Children of all ages are sure to enjoy these books and huggable plush toys! This season, Kohl’s will feature the following:

  • "A Color of His Own" book
  • "Frederick" book
  • "It's Mine!" book
  • "Cornelius" book
  • "Swimmy" book
  • Chameleon plush
  • Crocodile plush
  • Frog plush
  • Mouse plush
  • "101 Kids Activities" book
  • Tote Bag

Use these graphics and images to tell your employees, community members and the public about the opportunity to support your hospital by purchasing these exclusive items.

To promote this great program, download and print:

Merchandise Program Timing

  • Spring program – end of December through April/May
  • Summer program – April/May through end of June
  • Back-to-School program – end of June through end of September
  • Holiday program – end of September through end of December

For more information on Kohl’s community giving, visit Kohls.com/Kids. Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise is not eligible for discounts or other promotional incentives.

Upcoming Merchandise Program