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Your slipcover is on, but there seems to be enough excess fabric to cover three sofas. Don't have a fit! Regardless of your seating situation, these hints* can help you get great slipcover results.

No tucking area tip

No Tucking Area

If your sofa doesn't have creases in between the sofa arm and the back cushions, simply make neat pleats, and tuck all the excess fabric under the seat cushions.

Skinny arms tip

Skinny Arms

If your sofa's arms are very thin, try wrapping them in batting first. Then just put on the slipcover normally.

Leather furniture tip

Leather Furniture

Try laying down nonskid strips that are normally used beneath carpeting to reduce slipping and sliding.

Tucking tip


Tucking excess fabric into the crevices is the key to a pretty slipcover! Use a wooden spoon or spatula to help tuck in excess fabric. To keep it tucked in, roll up some old magazines with a rubber band and push them into the crevices.

Wrinkles tip


And to handle any wrinkles, try throwing the slipcover in your dryer on a low setting with a damp towel for a few minutes. Tuck, tuck, tuck!

Loose back pillow tipLoose Back Pillow Tip 2

Loose-Back Pillows

You love loose-back pillows ... but you get tired of straightening them day after day. Then try the nice-and-neat look described below.

Simply lay the pillows flat across the back of your furniture. Don't be afraid to remove one of your back cushions if it helps them lay flat!

*Size and fit chart, fitting instructions, helpful hints, FAQs and fabric and skirt types provided by Sure Fit, Inc., makers of slipcovers for