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Care & Maintenance*

Keep your cover looking great! There's nothing to it. Just use the following FAQs* (maybe a little TLC) and your slipcover will be A-OK!

How do I care for my slipcover? Slipcovers are completely machine washable. Wash them in cold water, gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Depending on fabric, line dry or tumble dry on low setting. In other words, do not be afraid of whites; removing dirt and stains from these slipcovers is simple and easy. In fact, some fabrics get better with washing; the textures on a damask fabric, for example, puff up after washing, making the pattern appear more distinguished and luxurious. Remember, no ironing or dry cleaning is needed! Washing instructions come with every cover.

Do slipcovers shrink when they are washed? Slipcovers will have a small amount of shrinkage during the first few washings. The shrinkage amount is less than 5%. As long as your furniture falls within the standard measurements, this should not affect the fit of your slipcover.

How do I remove wrinkles? To avoid wrinkles after laundering, just pull the cover out of the dryer once the cycle is complete and immediately place it on the furniture. If your cover gets wrinkled in storage, simply toss it in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes to remove the wrinkles. If the cover is wrinkled while on your furniture, try spraying a mist of water on the cover with a spray bottle and pressing out the wrinkles with your hand. (Do not tumble dry fabrics that have instructions to line dry.)

How durable are our slipcovers? All of our fabrics must undergo rigorous quality tests in an in-house laboratory before being introduced to the line. Many wonderful patterns are "lost" each year because they do not meet the following standards:

  • Sandpaper abrasion test for wearability.
  • Minimal shrinkage to get the best fit wash after wash.
  • Ball burst test for puncture resistance with 50 lbs. of pressure.
  • Crocking test for colorfastness, so color doesn't come off on your furniture.

*Size and fit chart, fitting instructions, helpful hints, FAQs and fabric and skirt types provided by Sure Fit, Inc., makers of slipcovers for