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Healthy Habits

There are so many things to do and learn while you're expecting, on top of your normal busy day, that it can be easy to forget about one of the most important things — you. Eating right, light exercise and relaxation are three simple ways to pamper your body and to keep you and baby happy and healthy.

Eating Right

During pregnancy, it's important to remember that your baby is eating what you eat. Here are a few tips to be sure you're both getting the nutrition you need.

  • Your specific food pyramid depends on your height, weight and age, so no two expecting Mothers will have the same recommended diet.
  • During pregnancy, your body requires more vitamins and minerals than usual. Eating right and choosing the appropriate prenatal supplements can make a real difference.
  • Avoiding sweets, preservatives and fatty foods is essential. Try to use fresh ingredients when cooking.
  • Stick to recommended portions. While you are eating for two now, it’s important to remember that healthy pregnancy weight gain is best for baby and you.

Please visit for recommendations tailored to new moms.

Exercise & Relaxation



Though yoga has many different intensity levels, yoga is believed to be beneficial during pregnancy because it helps you breathe and relax.

Through concentrated breathing and relaxation/strengthening poses, your body is able to let tension slip away resulting in a new connection with yourself. Practicing yoga is thought to help prepare your body for the process of labor.



Like yoga, Pilates is another methodical exercise that is popular during pregnancy. Pilates is controlled movements designed to improve flexibility, strength, body alignment, proper breathing and concentration.

The benefits of this type of exercise for expecting mothers are that it allows you to gently strengthen your body, as well as raise your awareness of the body itself and breathing. These are all traits that are expected to help you maintain a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Some Reminders:

  • Don't attempt any sort of exercise without consulting with your physician.
  • Don't stretch your muscles too much, especially the abdominal muscles.
  • Don't continue to exercise if you feel light-headed, nauseous, pain, etc.
  • Don't do any techniques that require you to lie on your back in the second and third trimester.