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Gemstone Basics

The four C's don’t just apply to diamonds. Color, cut, clarity and carat weight are still important with gemstones and other precious stones. For gemstones, darker doesn’t mean better. The best gems always have a more vivid, vibrant color.


A set of twelve gemstones that are associated with births during a specific zodiac sign or month of the year. Stones vary by culture.

Month Birthstone Picture Symbol & Meaning
January Garnet Garnet

Faith, eternity, truth, natural energy, self-confidence, creativity, friendship, constancy and good health.

February Amethyst Amethyst

Tranquility, sincerity, courage, calmness, spirituality and health.

March Aquamarine Aquamarine

Happiness, youth, calmness, tranquility and courage.

April Diamond Diamond

Love, innocence, clarity, strength and courage.

May Emerald Emerald

Love, prosperity and eternity.

June Pearl Pearl

Peace, love, innocence, wealth and purity.

July Ruby Ruby

Love, freedom and peace.

August Peridot Peridot

Protection and happiness.

September Sapphire Sapphire

Truth, clarity, clear-thinking, sky and heaven.

October Opal Opal

Hope, good fortune and purity.

November Citrine Citrine

Romance, enlightenment, increased self-esteem and success.

December Blue Topaz Blue Topaz

Success, luck, forgiveness, strength and happiness.

Precious Stones

More opaque than traditional gemstones, the natural elegance of precious stones is sure to capture your attention.

Stones Picture Description
Cat's-eye Cateye

Derived from the French word chatoyancy, which literally means "cat's eye," these unique stones have a lighter colored line down their center, simulating the look of a feline eye.

Turquoise Turquoise

These blue-green stones have dark brown or black freckles, giving them a rustic, natural look. Used frequently in Native American jewelry.

Quartz Quartz

One of the earth's most abundant minerals, quartz stones come in a rainbow of colors. They can be polished or left with a natural, faceted finish.

Onyx Onyx

Onyx stones are a specific variety of quartz in a striking black. Often polished for a stunning shine.

Mother-of-Pearl Mother-of-Pearl

Otherwise known as "nacre," mother-of-pearl is an iridescent substance found inside shells.

Chalcedony Chalcedony

These bluish-gray stones have a waxy luster, giving their translucent shapes an intentionally cloudy finish.

Carnelian Carnelian

A variant of chalcedony, carnelian stones vary from a deep reddish-brown to a peachy flesh tone.

Marcasite Marcasite

These pyrite stones are typically black with a greenish shine, resembling the iridescence of an oil spot.

Olivine Olivine

Also known as "peridot," olivine stones come in a natural green tone. While peridot is practically translucent, olivine is significantly more opaque.

Jade Jade

Considered the "imperial gem" of China, the milky-green beauty of jade is recognized the world over. Made of calcium-rich minerals, these stones are most stunning when polished to a glossy finish.