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Common Questions & Helpful Tips

How do I lay out my flatware?

If you still can’t remember what goes on the right and left, try this: your flatware is set in alphabetical order — Forks, Knives, Spoons. Remember, your guests work from the outside in, so the first things used should be the farthest things from the plate. The sharp edges of the knives point toward the plate.

Do I place the water glasses next the to wine glasses?

Again, think right-handed. Your water and wine glasses always go on the right side of the place setting. Place the larger water glass first, directly above the knife and spoon. The wine glass comes next, to the lower right of the water glass. The coffee cup and saucer go even lower, beneath the wine glass and to the right of the spoon.

How do I set up a bar area at a buffet?

When entertaining buffet-style, create a separate bar area for drinks that won't disrupt the flow of buffet traffic. A casual party where guests serve themselves calls for a large tub filled with ice and beverages. Tie a bottle opener to the tub's handle, and make a place for caps and empties.