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Table-Setting Necessities

Keep a mental checklist (or, even better, write it down!) of the things you find yourself forgetting when you're setting the table. (You don't want to be jumping up seven times during dinner to grab salt and pepper shakers, the butter dish and those other pesky afterthoughts.)

Here's a checklist to get you started.

  • Water pitcher
  • Serving bowls & spoons
  • Salt & pepper shakers
  • Butter dish
  • Gravy boat

After dinner, remember to serve your guests that welcome (and expected) cup of coffee. To make sure you end your meal with the same entertaining savvy you began with, add these coffee necessities to your table.

  • Cups & saucers
  • Stirring spoons
  • Two carafes: one for decaf, one for regular
  • Sugar & creamer set