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In 2011, Kohl’s committed $1.25 million to TED, a nonprofit organization that brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers and challenges them to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less). In TED’s earlier days, their primary focus was bringing together people from the worlds of technology, entertainment and design. Today, TED includes speakers in a variety of interdisciplinary fields giving TEDTalks an incredible range of topics.

Building on the success of TEDTalks, TED launched a new initiative focused on amplifying the voice of the world's best teachers. Through our partnership with TED, Kohl’s helped to create TED-Ed, a new platform that features videos of great teachers from around the world giving their best lesson. Each educator's lesson is visually enhanced by TED-Ed animators and accompanied by thoughtful questions that help learners gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

The TED-Ed website makes it easy for any teacher or student to find and use a TED-Ed video in their class. Teachers may also customize any lesson to fit the specific needs of any particular student or class.

TED-Ed is currently focused on developing content in the following series:

  • Math in Real Life
  • Creativity in Action
  • Inventions that Shaped the World
  • How Things Work
  • Questions No One (Yet) Knows the Answer To
  • Mind-Changing Stories
  • Playing with Language
  • Awesome Nature
  • Things They Don’t Teach You in School
  • What Will You Do With Your Life
  • You Graduated ... Now What?

To learn more about TED and TED-Ed, visit ed.TED.com.

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