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Proposal Application Process

Although you may already be an established partner, each year of partnership you will be required to submit a Program Proposal that tells Kohl's what community outreach program you will be proposing to execute with that year's grant. Below are details of steps included in the Program Proposal process.

  • Step 1:
  • February - March. In 2014, we will continue to utilize the Hospital Grant Management System:
  • If you have already registered for the Grant Management system for the 2013 proposal, there is no need to re-register.
  • If you are a new Hospital partner, please register your Hospital via the system to be able to submit a proposal for 2014. Refer to Quick Tip documents at bottom of page for how to register.
  • If you are a new contact at an existing Hospital partner, please register using the EIN the program is associated with, this can be found on your prior proposal overview. To verify the EIN, email your Kohl’s Hospital Team contact.
  • Kohl’s Grant Management System: http://gms.kohls.com
    Hospital Questions: April.Laabs@Kohls.com
    Public Relations Questions: Lyra.Obrien@kohls.com

  • Step 2:
  • Proposal Due Date (March-May): You will receive a Donation Letter that will tell you the donation amount you will receive that year.
  • You cannot begin working on a Program Proposal until you have this donation amount.

  • Step 3:
  • March - April: Proposal deadlines - Submit a new Program Proposal, Program Budget & Supporting Documents.
  • Submit a new proposal and budget by logging into the grant management system with your email address and password.
  • You may only submit one Program Proposal per season using the entire donation amount for one program.
  • Attach required supporting documents, such as; a 501(c)(3) letter, hospital naming policy (if applicable), program logo, collateral, etc.

  • Step 4:
  • March through September: Kohl's will review and approve all Program Proposals.
  • During these months, you will hear from the Kohl's contact who is reviewing your proposal to follow up on any additional information needed from you.
  • Once reviews are complete, you will be notified of approval via e-mail.

  • Step 5:
  • Post Approval: Donation Announcement Event approval & program funding check sent.
  • Once you receive your approval, you will be required to complete the Donation Announcement Event (DAE) within GMS. You will work with our public relations department during this time, although should you have any questions about your program, please continue to work with your Hospital team contact.
  • Upon approval of the DAE, your funding check will be mailed.
  • After your DAE has occurred, you will be prompted to send a recap of the event within GMS.
  • Process is complete and we will be in contact for follow-up on the items outlined in your approval email.

More Proposal Information:

The Kohl’s Hospital team has made strong efforts to increase the user experience of utilizing the Grant Management System throughout the program. Review the below links for more information on the enhancements made to both the system and the program processes.

Quick Tip Documents- These documents provide you a quick overview of the outlined topics. We have made several updates to the frequent processes our partners use and reviewing these documents can help ensure success.

2014 Proposal Quick Tips Documents:
Registering for the Grant Management System
Completing a Proposal
Completing Reach and Budget Worksheets
Associates in Action Volunteer Quick Tips Document
Donation Announcement Event Best Practice Document

Quick Tip Videos- These short videos (less than 10 minutes each) provide a quick overview of the Grant Management System for 2014. These videos can be accessed in the Grant Management System from the homepage when you log in.

Other Communications:

The Kohl’s Hospital program is constantly evolving and changing to enhance the impact we make through our partnerships in the local communities! Throughout the year, be on the lookout for emails from the Kohl’s Hospital team to provide information on your current program status and key dates/deliverables such as: program follow-ups; new merchandise reminders; feedback surveys; store partnership announcements and much more!


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